Sometimes when I listen to folks preach their religion, I just shake my head, and think to myself; “what on earth are they talking about?” It seems as if they have created an invisible friend in their mind who they talk to, and attribute everything that happens good or bad during their life experience to the work of God. It is interesting that someone can come to believe such things, but the evidence is clear that the human mind can play tricks on itself obviously. Okay so, let’s talk about this whole religious thing for second shall we?

There was an interesting article about human superstitions and religion in the USA Today about an Atheist rally in Washington DC where Richard Dawkins had spoke. The article appeared on March 24, 2012 and was titled; ” Richard Dawkins to atheist rally: ‘Show contempt’ for faith,” by Cathy Lynn Grossman. The article had a picture of a lady holding up a sign which read; “Obama isn’t trying to destroy religion, I am!” The article also stated;

“About 20,000 atheists gathered within shouting distance of the Washington Monument on Saturday for a Reason Rally hell-bent on damning religion and mocking beliefs.”

Interestingly enough, that article was written by a very devout religious person who was indeed intent upon mocking the Atheists. Should Atheists show contempt for religion? From their perspective that would be merely showing contempt for ignorance, as they believe that all religions are merely fictional fantasy supported by only their fictional works with no evidence backing them up. That makes sense right?

However doesn’t really make sense to show contempt for ignorance, or rather should you help educate people, those people who truly want to learn, and simply ignore those who don’t? Religion often tries to coax their followers into giving tolerance of other religions, but they all seem to show contempt for each other, as well as contempt for the Atheists. Holding up a mirror to religious folks could be the Atheists best and most compelling way to get people to see past the fantasy.

Still, is that the best way to play it? Perhaps it is one way, and considering that social networks use a lot of peer pressure, just as congregations use peer pressure to keep people in line within the flock themselves, such social pressure can also be used to enlighten individuals who continually cling to ignorance. It is too bad that Richard Dawkins is so maligned by those religious folks who claim to be one with tolerance and respect for all mankind.

It is often hard not to show contempt for folks of various religions because much of what they purport is pure poppycock, and anyone with half a brain who thought about it long enough would see it. However, people refuse to do this due to their indoctrination, or their blind faith clouding their judgment. Indeed, I’m not sure what the answer is, but content may not be it, and that goes for either side. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.